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Understanding the Available Rapid Weight Loss Programs

Is Rapid Weight Loss a Good Thing?

Most people who believe that they are overweight did not get that way overnight and therefore should not expect a rapid weight loss program to shed excess pounds. Not only will the pounds probably come back, but for most, it is simply not healthy, and can in fact cause seriously harmful conditions in some.

It has been noted in numerous studies that fasting is a method which just does not work. In fact, many professionals believe that it has the opposite affect; the body believes that it is being starved and thus will result in keeping certain fats in reserve in case the next meal does not come. A rapid weight loss effort by fasting could end up actually adding pounds to the ones a person already wants to shed.

Many rapid weight loss programs on the market today are at least starting to take the right approach in regards to finding proper methods in order to attack the underlying problem by attacking the stored fats in the body. Some claim to burn the fats while some others claim to dissolve them. Nevertheless, most rapid weight loss plans are for the short-term benefit of perhaps fitting into a certain size within a short period.

Phentermine is often used for weight loss, however its use should be for short term only and only for that of certainly healthy people. While many Internet sites off sales of this product with a prescription, it has been shown to increase blood pressure and thus should not be taken by people with uncontrolled high blood pressure. It also has some other side effects that should be investigated before taking it.

There are other products, which promise amazing weight loss results, such as cleansing and metabolism “jumpstarts” that may work short term. Dangers exist however, especially if a person loses more than a pound a day. If that is your goal, it is recommended then that you first consult your physician, prior to starting this type program.

Other programs promise rapid weight loss and succeed in fulfilling that promise for a short time, but most are helping the person get rid of water only, and thus do not actually remove any stored fat. While water is essential for body functions, expelling too much too quick can other harmful effects.

For the purpose of removing a few extra pounds in a short period of time there may be a certain weight loss plan that will work for you without being harmful to your health. However, continuing on a rapid weight loss program for an extended period of time may lead to other, more devastating problems.


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