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Hi and thank you for checking out my About Me page at Weight Loss Fantasy. My name is Lana Hampton and I am a 48-year-old fitness enthusiast. I created this blog to share my favorite how to lose weight tips and trends. I also enjoy “ranting and raving” about my personal weight loss and fitness challenges and achievements.

Maintaining my weight has never really been an issue for me, because I was pretty active physically at an early age. I played the clarinet in marching band during high school and college. While in college, I joined Navy ROTC and became accustomed to preparing for physical fitness tests. Ever wonder how much better shape we would all be in, if our employer required us to pass a physical fitness test which included running, push-ups and sit-ups twice a year 😉

After receiving my Navy commission in 1986, my fitness enthusiasm began to flourish. So much so, that I was appointed as the physical fitness coordinator for the squadron I was assigned to in Pensacola, Florida. This “collateral” duty required me to weigh and tape-measure all members of the staff to determine their body fat percentage in preparation for the physical fitness test. You automatically failed the physical fitness test if you did not meet the body fat requirement, so this was a stressful time for members who did not prepare well. It was while performing these duties that “at-risk” personnel shared their frustrations with me. I was determined to help anyone willing to listen and take corrective action. Back then, I made a commitment to research and learn all I could about proper nutrition and effective exercise routines.

Now, 27 years later, I am still just as committed to help folks achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. I’m here to help you answer the question of “how much weight can i lose drinking ensure?”

I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave comments on the posts that interests you, so I know which topics are helpful to you. I want my efforts to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Please check back regularly for new content and have a great day!

Weight Loss Fantasy

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