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How to Achieve Safe Weight Loss

When a person embarks on a weight loss program, there is typically an impatience for the desired results to become visible sooner rather than later. This leads many to dabble in fad diets and weight loss programs that may “guarantee” quick results, but which may not be the appropriate in regards to safe weight loss. An individual making the decision to lose weight must take the time to educate himself on the healthiest and safest methods of doing so.

Unfortunately the most safe weight loss occurs slowly and steadily rather than quickly, and involves certain lifestyle modifications that can continue through the weight loss process into that of proper weight maintenance. The good news is that safe weight loss can also contribute to a healthier lifestyle that will help an individual feel better as well as look better, both in the short and long run.

Where do I Begin?

The first step to safe weight loss is a diet plan. A good diet will include the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and proteins, while reducing the amount of calories. Generally, women should look for a diet of about 1000-1200 calories each day, and men should choose a diet that is between 1200 and 1600 calories. Before you write these guidelines in stone however, make sure to check with your doctor so that you can find the best diet regimen for you.

The most important factor to consider is that you are aiming for a slow and steady weight loss; your diet plan should see results in the loss of about a pound per week after the first couple of weeks. The reason for more rapid loss at the beginning is that much more fluid is lost during the initial calorie reduction.

The second step in a safe weight loss program is the establishment of an exercise routine. This plan should start slowly at first, and again, only under a doctor’s supervision. It is a good idea to combine aerobic and strength training for maximum benefit. Exercise is the only safe method of boosting metabolism, which will help your body burn calories more effectively. Other benefits of exercise can include increased energy and decreased depression. It is a program that should be incorporated into your lifestyle long after the weight loss goal is achieved.

The food pyramid is an excellent guide for good nutrition and optimum weight maintenance. Other guidelines that may sound obvious but are still worth mentioning are increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruit, for instance, can be especially helpful since it is a good source of fiber and can satisfy a chronic sweet tooth. You should also eat less junk food and drink less soda, and finally, watch your portion size to make sure that you are not inadvertently overeating even healthy food choices.

Safe weight loss can be a long process, but the advantage to this approach is that you will not only lose weight, but will you will also stand a greater chance of keeping the weight off and you enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

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