Best Workout DVDs

Best Workout DVDs

Best Workout DVDs

The best workout DVDs can prevent boredom with your workout routine, which is better for you both emotionally and physically.  Muscles that are used in the same way day after day have little opportunity to improve.  Having several different workout DVD’s can help make exercise more interesting and get those muscles working in ways they haven’t before.

Alternating between 2 or 3 different exercise routines can provide a better overall workout.  The best workout DVDs can provide a range of different exercises that focus either on one set of muscles or on giving the whole body a comprehensive workout.

The best workout DVDs are geared towards several different levels of fitness, offering workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced.  Beginners can start with easy exercise routines and work their way up to advanced levels when ready.  Exercise DVD’s are also a great way to get a workout when you are unable to get to the gym or when weather prevents walking or running.

Here are a few tips reviewing the top new workout DVDs:

You’re an intermediate exerciser looking for a new challenge:

If you haven’t tried kettlebells, you’re missing out on a super-efficient workout that builds strength and blasts fat all at once. Used in Eastern European countries when strength training was in its infancy, these bowling ball-shaped weights with handles have become a favorite of top trainers today as a way to bust through exercise plateaus.

However, learning to use them properly is critical, as the swinging and jerking moves done with them can hurt your wrists, back and arms.

You need a good workout to ease back into fitness:

When you’re starting back into an exercise routine after months — or even years — off, it’s best to hold the heroics and start back slowly to avoid injury.

The “Weight Watchers Punch!” workout, led by former Firm fitness instructor Stephanie Huckabee, is a great at-home way for beginners to get the low-impact, easy-on-the-joints exercise they need without sacrificing calorie burn.

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