Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Best Exercises For Weight Loss

The best exercises for weight loss can seem a mystery for so many of us. Through the years, I have adjusted my exercise routine to not only avoid boredom, but to ensure my body did not get use to any one form or type of exercise. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone obviously. I personally hate running, but I love the elliptical. I know folks that would rather be outside running, rain or shine. The only way you’ll know what type of exercises your body will respond to, as well as keep you motivated due to the results you’ll achieve, is to as many as possible. For example, I know how important lunges and squats are for lower body strength training, but I simply dreaded routines that involved these exercises–until recently. I absolutely fell in love with the Kettleworx DVDs I purchased last year.   If I had not been curious enough to give it a try, I would have never discovered that there was a strength exercise routine I would stick with to tone my body and maintain my fitness.  Check out the top exercises  to lose weight below:

1. Step Aerobics

Calories Burnt: 800 cal/hr

Many of the top exercises to lose weight incorporate aerobics. This mainly targets your legs, hips and bum, which are often the areas that women most want to tone. Doing an hour a day, split into two half an hour sessions, will ensure that you see results within 2 weeks. If you aren’t sure how to do these, check out 7 Best Ab Exercises. Another very similar exercise is bench presses, which go very well in sets with step aerobics. Make sure you’re doing them right or you’ll see no results!

2. Bicycling

Calories Burnt: 500 – 1000 cal/hr

Depending on how fast you go, this can be a real calorie burner. Riding outside is always enjoyable, but if you’re a little more time restricted, invest in a good quality exercise bike. UK ebike brand Wiser have recently launched an electric bike with throttle option that is approved for use on the roads and registered with the DVSA. This is my favorite calorie burner, because it’s so easy to do. How about riding while watching the TV? I find that cycling through Eastenders keeps me distracted, but working hard at the same time…

3. Swimming – most pleasant exercise for losing weight

Calories Burnt: 800 cals/hr

Swimming is definitely a top exercise to lose weight, especially in the summer. Doing laps up and down the pool for an hour will burn off 800 calories, and also tone almost all of your body. Stay motivated by giving yourself half an hour extra to make use of the Jacuzzi when you’ve finished!

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